Pressure Washing Service

Wash Away Dirt and Grime

Wash Away Dirt and Grime

Choose our effective pressure washing services in the Lake Charles, LA area

It's not easy to remove grime from your property without the right tools. Fortunately, Finesse Services and Rentals can wash it all away. Plus, we can finish up our professional pressure washing work much faster than a home or business owner taking a DIY cleaning approach.

We're based in Lake Charles, LA and can provide:

  • Concrete pressure washing services, for your mossy patio
  • Outdoor furniture pressure washing services, for your grimy deck chairs
  • Exterior pressure washing for your home's dirty siding or brick pavers
  • Fence pressure washing services, for your mildewy wood fence
In addition to pressure washing your property, we can also soft wash it. Soft washing is an excellent option for siding and other surfaces that may need a gentler approach. We charge $0.20 per square foot for pressure washing homes. To discuss which service is suitable for your property, call 337-660-1377 now.

Prepare to paint your property

Are you thinking about painting your siding, refinishing your deck or staining your concrete? You can schedule our concrete pressure washing services or other pressure washing services to get the surface ready before you paint.

Reach out to our company owner today for a free estimate.